In addition to installing office furniture, we have the ability to assist you with space planning and CAD design. Who better to assist in the layout of an office - then office professionals who are actually inside upwards of 100 corporate offices a year?

Our installation teams are some of the most professional within the industry! With clean cut, uniformed, professional installers you need not worry about interaction with your customers. If you have dealt with other installation companies before you may find it hard to believe- but smiling, friendly faces abound at our installation sites!

If you are an end user (small or large)- You may find, as many of our current clients have, that the subject of office system furniture installation or reconfiguration comes up only once in awhile, and you're simply not prepared to deal with it. You can spend a lot of expensive time and energy trying to get the right people to do the job—at the right price!

Here's where calling Installation Management Services ( IMS) is important. We're experienced, and we're familiar with virtually all major systems. Most importantly, we're practical, businesslike, and understanding of your budget and time line.

We realize that each installation is different, due to the type of system, accessories, configuration, and site environment. When we quote a job, it will be based upon a completed project basis— based on the parameters of the job as you set forth. This way you know your fixed costs up front – no slow hourly installers here – we get the job done in a Professional and Timely Manner.

After being commissioned, we will review with you our pre-installation checklist. During the review we will likely be able to point out to you money-saving tips and ideas. Throughout the project we will continue to work on your behalf, making sure that everything is done right the first time. Our service will always be tailored to your needs.

At Installation Management Services, it is our intent to see that our performance is always as good as your highest expectations. And that the only mystery remaining is how you ever got along without us.